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Northern Saskatchewan Industry Education Council

Who Are We? - Keewatin Career Development Corporation (KCDC) is a long standing northern non-profit organization that supports career, education, and business development in the region. We are involved in numerous activities including career fairs, post-secondary graduate employment, project development, and training. We are the northern Saskatchewan Education/Industry Council and strive to help northern people plan careers that meet the skill needs of industry and business.

Membership - KCDC is expanding its membership from educational and career agencies to include industry, communities, and business. Contact us for more information on becoming a member.

Project Opportunities - Members and interested organizations can become involved in KCDC's projects. Currently we are looking for partners to help mobilize Industry of You, a hands on career motivational experience for middle years students. Industry of You will be taken to schools in small and remote communities and will be provided for students who don't have access to regional career fairs in large northern centers.

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